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Sharing your knowledge is the only one thing anyone can give to the world. No Disease Corner is also trying to “Spread the Awareness” about lifestyle and product information.

So if you are also crazy about your health and lifestyle and confident enough to share your knowledge, then NDC welcomes you to write in this platform. Your article can make a good impact on our society.

To avoid any inconvenience later we created some guidance which you need to follow. Please read it below carefully-

  • Article quality should be high enough to understand by anyone, also it should cover the whole topic and add value by enhancing the knowledge of reader
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  • Article can be rejected, if multiple edits will be needed after review. In such circumstances no claim will be entertained, it’s a sole right of NDC to decide
  • Article should be written honestly with concise and accurate data (Don’t copy and paste from any source). We can remove all of your post if found copied. Reference must be provided for research information, statics and analytical data
  • Image should be of public domain (Or must free for commercial use with modification) and there should not be any copy right
  • Author can’t publish the same article in different journal or blogs or website or social media. However, they can share the same from NDC portal to different platforms
  • Authors will have to share their Names, contact number and e-mail to be published with article. Privacy will be maintained
  • NDC will always be available to provide guidance and clarification on anything related to article writing
  • Claim for any monetary benefit cannot be considered, however we can provide you a do follow link related to the particular topic
  • Publishing informative, health issues related articles on NDC (No Disease Corner) gives a platform to Authors to groom up their talent
  • Based on published article, no one can claim for their ownership of the site and its content

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