When Dhoni finishes off in his style

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That was a great moment when India lifts the world cup again after 28 years.

Under captaincy of MS Dhoni India lift International T20 world cup in 2007, ODI world cup in 2011 and ICC champion’s trophy in 2013.

He is the only captain in the world, who lifts these three ICC trophies till now.

He is the Thala (boss/leader) of Chennai super kings and won 3 IPL title in 2010, 2011 & 2018.

He is as quick as cheetah, during running & fastest like light during stumping.

His running becomes famous when he beat young Hardik Pandya in 2017:

He is as cool as ice and also known as captain cool. MSD is one of the legends of cricket.

What do you think, how he gained all these titles, name and legacy?

All because of his fitness, cool mind and discipline in work ethics.

MSD reads every situation wisely, he can read bowlers mind, during run chasing. According to pitch and bowler he decides which bowlers should he left and which bowler should he punish with his bat.  Because of this ability he is titled with Mr. Finisher.

Here the moral is that he constantly keeping his mind cool, so that he can take his decision easily.  He never overreacts in winning or losing.

Trust and help teammates in tough situation, handle the pressure with ease. He gives winning credit to team always.

About MSD-

Born: 07 Jul 1981 in Ranchi

ODI Debut: 23 Dec 2004 vs Bangladesh

Spouse: Sakshi Dhoni (Married in 2010)

Awards: Rajiv Gandhi khel ratna in 2007, Padma Shri in 2009 and Padma Bhshan in 2018.

MSD proved age is just a number:

He maintained discipline about his fitness. MSD divided his fitness in two part athletic training and weight training.

His technical fitness came from cricket practice. He practices about 8 hours a day during practice session.

Dhoni always try to improve his range of motion to improve efficiency on ground.

Being wicket keeper, he needs to bend frequently behind the stumps and in that he need to maintain spine alignment and strengthening. It requires specific training that he performed regularly.

One good example is-

After winning third IPL title in 2018, MSD said “Fitness matters more than age”. Since 9 player in CSK was above age 30 year.

To make cardiovascular system fit, he always play football and badminton. These games are helping him in improvement of his eyesight, focus and footwork.

 Run like Dhoni:

As he belongs from Ranchi, he used to run in mountain areas.  He has been playing football during practice session which helps him to run fast. He supposed to be fastest runner in 22 yard.

He even beat Dwayne Bravo in three run challenge:

Captain Cool-

He has known to be captain cool. He always tried to be cool in winning or losing moments. He is naturally cool and meditation helps him to be calm and to control anger.

Behind his fitness, there is diet discipline:

As usual, to achieve this type of superior fitness he also has discipline in his diet.

Dhoni’s diet includes essential macro nutrients which included good fat, high protein and good carbohydrates which gives energy and to repair muscle tissue.

His diet is simple which basically included Chicken, fish, protein shakes and curd.

He likes to drink milk which helps him to stay fit.

To remain fit he sacrificed his favorite chocolates and milkshakes at the age of 28 and then soft drink after few years.

He always prefers Juice over soda and cold drinks, since it contains more sugar but Juices gives vitamins and minerals.

These are types of fast foods which really harmful to our body. You can read more information in our below article-

Are you eating fast food or poison?

Do you have a healthy and happy heart?

Why he is the Legend-

He is one of the fittest players in team India even at the age of 37. A lots of Indian as well as foreign players takes advice from him.

Undoubtedly he is legend, fastest player in cricket in terms of running and wicket keeping.

Dhoni is also a member of a reserve force called the Territorial Army in India. This required a higher level of fitness and discipline.

We should also follow this in our life. It will definitely help to improve our lifestyle.

Last but not the least,

A big Salute to the Legend…!

Image courtesy: Dhoni official Facebook page

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