The Mental Diet Plan: Are you aware about it?

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Mental Diet Plan-

Probably you have heard it first time. Yes because, people talk very less about mental diet plan. But if you are not aware about this, it does not mean that you are untouched from it. Mental diet plan by Vivek Bindra Sir was also explained in detail. Watch the video-

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Here in this article I will talk about a healthy mental diet plan. Also you will come to know what mental diet plan is, how it works, why you should care about this and where you will get it.

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Let’s start the topic-

How mental wellbeing starts?

To make it easy I will compare it with physical diet that is the food you eat. You very well know whatever you eat; it affects your body and energy level. Your body digest the food and absorb all the nutrients from it. Nutrients reach to the various cells via blood. Each cell utilize those nutrients to give you energy.

Same like your food whatever information you take from various sources, you brain analyse it and store it in your conscious and subconscious mind. Now, whenever you are about to take decisions it gives you information from the stored data.

Don’t believe?

How our brain take decisions?

Okay, just try to think about something which you do not know ever.

I bet you cannot, now you may ask how I can think about something I do not know. Yes, that is exactly my point you cannot think beyond the information in your brain. Even your creative ideas, dreams and imagination all depends on the information you stored in your brain and you make decisions according to that information.

When I say decision, it means every decision including the biggest one or very small decisions of your life. For example: what to speak, what to see, what to eat, what to wear? etc. Most of these daily routine small decisions are based on your subconscious mind and that is the reason everybody like different things and also they speak, understand and think in their unique different way.

While taking a big decision your brain analyse every possible situation by collecting the information that is stored.

Info-graphic: The mental diet pathway
Info-graphic: The mental diet pathway

What is a mental diet?

I hope you understood how brain takes our stored information and use it. Same like healthy food gives you the result in better physique, good level of energy, stamina etc and the unhealthy food is the source of various diseases, deformities, weakness on physical level etc.

To maintain a good body you maintain your diet and consume food that your body requires to be healthy. On the same way a mental diet contains all the ingredients required for your mental fitness. Mental fitness includes good thinking, good learning, a strong will power, no depression, no suicidal thoughts and many more.

“A healthy mental diet is consuming the information from the right sources which add some value to your life and gives you a strong will power and thinking to take your own decisions for the well-being of others”

And you know your decisions makes your life and also give direction to this world.

How to plan a mental diet:

It’s easier than maintaining a physical diet. How? You will get to know ahead.

Since you born you started feeding your brain with a lot of information. Brain stores those information and use whenever required. In life everyone has a goal to achieve. But, you got distracted many times while going on that path. Here you need a mental diet plan to achieve your goal by taking your life to a next level.

Start feeding right information related to your goal. It can be short term goal as well as long term goal. If it’s a big goal to achieve then break it into small steps and achieve them consistently.

It’s easier than physical diet because it is cost effective as you do not need to spend a single penny for it. It does not require extra time like you require in physical diet plan to cook and exercise, but a mental diet plan just needs your awareness most of the time.

Mental diet plan
Mental diet plan: light up your thoughts

How to feed information:

First you need to know how you get the information. Mainly you get any information from some of the common pathways as below-

By watching: This is the most effective path and brain remember the visuals most. Also, your brain learns the things more easily by visuals because visuals are directly connected to your pattern of doing the things. It is exactly the same as you do anything you want to learn.

By listening: Do not confuse listening with hearing. Listening and hearing are very different from each others. Hearing is when hear any sound through your ear and you may or may not realize it but while listening you realize each and every possible sound and you analyse it to understand the sound of your interest. Now whatever you understand that store in your brain memory.

By touching: Touching anything gives you an experience very closely because you can touch anything only if its near to you. By touch you will make a pattern of recognizing the things even if you do not see it. Exactly, like a blind person do. Touch will give you information in terms of symmetrical patterns which your brain records. It is difficult to recognize an asymmetrical pattern by touch.

There are more ways of getting information like taste and smell, but for your mental diet aforementioned are sufficient to have a start.

How does information acts:

Whenever, you grab any information inside, you first analyse it and then make a justification of true and false which is based on your belief. The belief, build by either yourself or someone else. After making a decision about that information your brain stores it in that way.

Now here is the trick, whenever you receive any information and analyse it, do your analysis on the basis of logic and not belief. What if you do not find any logic then just think if it’s going to add any value to your life. If it’s not adding any value then discard it right there and if its adding a value then put a question mark on it and find the answer. Until you find a logical and suitable answer from authentic source, do not allow your brain to store it as a truth. Till then do not use this information for any decision including small one.

When you put a question mark your brain will store this information on hold and will not allow you to take any decision based on that.

Info-graphic: The mental diet pathway

Benefits of Mental diet:

A lot… There are a lot of benefits. You will find your life on to the next level. I will put few them below-

  • Symmetrical thinking
  • Increased concentration
  • Less confusion
  • Focused goal
  • No depression, anxiety because of wrong information
  • No bad dreams
  • You will better everyday
  • Increased knowledge
Mental diet plan
Mental diet plan: retrain your brain

Your brain is a hard disc of around 2.5 petabytes (a million Gigabytes in 1 petabytes) and it depends on you that you fill it with right information or garbage.

I hope you will find this article useful. Please let me know your experiences in the comment box.

Vinay Dubey

A Health care professional and Pharmacologist with an aim of sharing my knowledge about health and lifestyle to everyone. Specially, I want to empower people from non medical background, with the knowledge that how daily lifestyle and medicines can affects their health. Also, to let them know how they can play an important role in the life cycle of a medicine.


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