Super Seven NDC Quiz-3

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Questing always increase your knowledge and knowledge gives you confidence.

So, solve this power pack health quiz from NDC team. Please share this Super Seven NDC Quiz-3 with your friends to spread the awareness.

No Disease Corner welcomes you to attend the quiz "Super Seven NDC quiz-3".

You have 7 minutes to complete 7 question. We know you are smart enough to complete it earlier 🙂

Good luck!

1. Which joint is the largest joint in human body?
2. Which bone is the smallest bone in human body?
3. _______included wrong dose, wrong duration, wrong route, wrong drug, wrong dosage form etc. (Click to find answer)
4. Oils with low smoking point should be used for cooking but it should not be refined or chemically treated. (Click to find answer)
5. When a benefit is more than risk, a drug needs to withdraw from the market. (Click here to know answer)
6____Discovered penicillin vaccine.
7. World health day celebrates on ____

All set?

Check your answers once again and submit to see your result.

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