Snoring- causes and treatment

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Snoring is the sound occurs during sleep due to blockage of air ways while breathing. However, it can be caused by other temporary reasons also.

I will try to let you know all the knowledge about the same in this article.

During sleep throat muscles become relaxed and tongue falls backwards and throat becomes narrow and floppy and while you breath the wall of throat begin to vibrate due to the flow of air in and out from mouth. These vibrations characterized as sound of snoring.

What are the causes of snoring?

1. Sleeping positions:

Become more loudly snoring problem when you positioned on your back than when resting on your stomach or side.

2. Excessive body weight or obesity:

Dueto overweight tissue around the throat and neck are increased and muscle tone in throat become poor which may lead to snoring.

3. Alcohol consumption and smoking:

Excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking can relaxed the muscles of throat in tongue which can decrease the natural defense against air ways obstruction leads to sound during sleep.

4. Medications:

Useof sleeping pills or muscle relaxants can cause snoring sometimes.

5. Nasal and throat issue:

Nasal congestion or deviated nasal septum and bulky throat tissue or large tonsils can cause snoring.

6. Allergies and nasal congestion:

Some time allergies and congestion from the cold or flu can cause snoring. Some people snores only during seasonal allergy or sinus infection.

Health risk due to snoring:

Heart disorder:

Sever health problems such as sleep apnea can be sign of snoring and long term sleep apnea can lead to high blood pressure and coronary artery disease which can be responsible for heart attacks.


High intensity of snoring can lead to constriction of arteries or blood vessels in the neck due to deposition of fats which can results to low oxygen levels in blood this condition known as stroke.

Mental disorders:

Snoring can enhance the chances of mild depression and anxiety symptoms.

Chronic headache:

Asper a study, researchers found relationship between morning headache and sleep apnea and other sleep disorders including insomnia.
Decrease quality of sleep such as sleep deprivation.

How to treat snoring:

In most of the cases of snoring can be treat by simple home remedies but sometimes sever cases of snoring needs medical treatment from doctor.

Beloware the some home remedies to treat snoring.

1. Lose weight and proper exercise
2. Avoid alcohol and sedatives before your bed
3. Get complete and healthy sleep
4. Avoid to sleep on back for longer time and try to sleep on our side
5. Avoid smoking
6. Raise your head 4 to 5 inches of your bed
7. Use of good sleep hygiene

Medical treatment of snoring:

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP):

CPAP machine used to mild air pressure to keep the open and avoid the collaption of airways during breathing in sleep.

Oral appliances:

Oral appliances can be used with the advice of your dentist.

Beloware the oral appliances-

  1. Mendibular advancement Splints (MAS)
  2. Mendibular advancement Devices (MED)
  3. Mendibular repositioning Appliances (MRA)

With the help of these devices lower jaw push towards by which airway will open up more and avoid vibrating (snoring).


Surgical procedure also can be used by the specialist for the treatment of snoring, if the patient have large tonsils, deviated nasal septum and upper airways narrowing problems.

What Statics says:

Women are more likely to report insomnia symptoms; men are more likely to say they snore, supporting previous data that have shown women are more commonly diagnosed with insomnia and men with sleep apnea.

Surprisingly, 24 percent of women say they have woken up feeling well-rested zero of the past seven days, compared to 16 percent of men, despite reporting similar sleep times.


Snoring in men and women. These data were obtained from 5,713 people living in San Marino. Data from Lugarest E, Cirignotta F, Coccagna G, Plana C. 1980. Some epidemiological data on snoring and cardiocirculatory disturbances. Sleep 3:222




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