PUBG addiction

PUBG addiction: how to get rid of it?

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You may have heard of many stories around a very famous game called PUBG. Many places it become banned, many people arrested while playing this game and in some cases people died because of it.

Yes, everything said may seem illogical but this is true. Let’s understand the psychology behind this.
So, first we should know what addiction is?

What is addiction?

As per American Society of Addiction Medicine,

Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in these circuits leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations. This is reflected in an individual pathologically pursuing reward and/or relief by substance use and other behaviours.

Basically, addiction leads to repetitive behavioural actions mainly reward oriented which create a psychological satisfactory effect to do it again and again.

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PUBG addiction:

If we talk about PUBG gaming app then it creates the same situation of reward feeling which gives a challenge to the gamer. Time to time many games become famous in the world but PUBG creates a sensation that no where stopped.

PUBG rewards

Now, it’s addiction makes it so serious that it attracts the attention from government as well. So let’s talk about what was the reasons which take this game to this height.

Causes of PUBG addiction:

1) Reward feeling:

Getting a reward on completion of a stage successfully releases Dopamine hormone which is neurotransmitter released on anticipation of any rewards. Many addictive drugs also work through the same mechanism.

2) Challenging situation:

Challenges gives you a feeling of adventure due to releases of Adrenaline. Adrenaline releases in body is responsible for fight or flight response.

3) Easy access/availability:

You don’t need to go anywhere neither need to have many accessories for playing PUBG. You just need to open your cell phone and start playing. Easy accessibility makes it ready to play anywhere whenever you have time.

4) Social engagement:

Multi playing makes it a socially active and gives you a chance to play with your friends at your place as per your convenience.

5) Interesting competition:

When you play it with someone you know, it makes it competitive and you start comparison. To win the competition and to perform well you try to play it again and again. It makes the competition interesting by giving you rewards like “Winner winner Chicken dinner”.

How to get rid of it?

If you think that I will tell you about a pill or a miracle and you will get rid of PUBG addiction then you need to read it carefully. There is no medical or miraculous treatment which can help you get away from this addiction in no time.

Only your will power and strong mind set can take you away from PUBG addiction. You need to understand clearly that this is just a virtual world which will just pass away as it came into the market. But, it will take away the very precious time of yours which will never come back.

The most important part is that I don’t think you have much time to just let it go, I mean you should have a lot of most important things to do in your life. Of course, you can spend some time for entertainment or to relax but you can’t afford to just time pass.

However, as per my knowledge on video game addiction below are some steps which can help you initially to get away from PUBG addiction-

1) To do list:

It means set your priorities in daily life and ask a real question to yourself that do you really have so much time to spend on a virtual thing? This list will help you to identify the task which you need to complete for the day and then you will find no time for PUBG.

2) Observe physical and mental harm:

Yes, you need to compare yourself before and after PUBG. Yes before and after comparision is not just for pictures. Ask yourself are you not feeling any physical or mental stress due to this?

3) Commitment with will power:

Promises are to be broken but not the commitments. Initially, take a commitment of playing it for half an hour or the time as per your convenient. and strictly stick to this. You can set a reminder in your phone as well.

4) Don’t be an idiot:

Don’t mind but yes you are an idiot if you spend your most of the hours playing it or waking uo late night to play it with your friends in United States or where ever they can be. And I think the one who kills his time to increase the revenue of a company and not getting anything in return, is a real fool.

5) Real life reward:

Give a reward to yourself that day when you don’t play PUBG. Yes you can celebrate the day. you can go for a treat or whatever you want to do.

You don’t need a virtual reward because you have ability to achieve it in your real life.

6) Set a goal in your life:

Set a very high goal of your life and focus to achieve it. Mostly addiction comes if you have plenty of time to spend on a game.

If you will be so busy to fulfill your goal of life then this all temporary pleasures will become very small to deserve your precious amount of time.

So, friend I hope you find this article helpful to understand basics of game addiction and you will apply the above steps to get rid of this.

Sharing is caring so, share it with your friends who are in the PUBG trap.

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