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Pharma giants pacing up the clinical trials with Verily, a Google sister-company

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About Verily:

Verily is now entering into clinical trials, a life sciences company which comes under the umbrella of Alphabet Inc Research Organization. I hope you recognized it correct. Alphabet is the parent company of Google. Now, Verily .

Verily was a part of Google X until 10 Aug 2015. Since 2015, the organization becomes an independent subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. In other words, technology meets the medical science.

This video will help you to understand the project baseline. However, you need to understand complete scenario.

Tie up with Pharma companies:

Verily, has teamed up with four pharmaceutical companies Novartis, Otsuka, Pfizer and Sanofi with aim to develop clinical trials. Consequently, by these partnership, the companies would try to implement clinical trial research with more tech driven approach.

“We see Verily’s technology as a way for us to reach patients and get them interested”, says Badhri Srinivasan, head of global development operations in Novartis.

Verily provides clinical research tools. These tool set includes wearable devices and sensors as well as analytical tools to pharma companies. Certainly, this is starting with Novartis, Otsuka, Pfizer and Sanoafi.

Hence, this will improve the accuracy of data and productivity also. Therefore, requirement of subjects (patients) with these tool sets into clinical trials make these studies more efficient with named project Baseline.

Benefits of tie up with Pharma companies:

  • This will help to bring better medicines in the market. Also, consequently this will aid in advancement of health care industries
  • Now the Novartis, Pfizer, Otsuka and Sanofi each plans to launch clinical studies using the platform across a range of therapeutic areas. similarly, this will include cardiovascular disease, Oncology, mental health, dermatology and diabetes.
  • This will help to find ways to modernize the clinical trials and to reduce the time takes to bring a new drug to the market. As a result, this will improve patient safety as well
  • Post clinical trial data analysis will be easy and more accurate
  • This technical approach will fast many processes after clinical trial like pharmacovigilance, signal detection, regulatory studies etc
  • This will make an easier approach to clinical trial patient registry with the help of google ads.

The future insight of the healthcare advancement:

In recent months, to start enrolling the larger numbers of people in its registry.  Verily has moved beyond the baseline study, which involved partnerships with Duke and Stanford medicine.

Jessica Mega, M.D., chief medical and scientific officer at Verily says,

“Evidence generation through research is the backbone of improving health outcomes. We need to be inclusive and encourage diversity in research to truly understand health and disease, and to provide meaningful insights about new medicines, medical devices and digital health solutions,”

She added “Novartis, Otsuka, Pfizer and Sanofi have been early adopters of advanced technology and digital tools to improve clinical research operations, and together we’re taking another step towards making research accessible and generating evidence to inform better treatments and care.”

Also, she shows her interest for introducing Artificial Intelligence into healthcare research and development. Furthermore, you can watch her below interview to have a insight of the need of new technologies.

I hope this article gives you the information about new development in healthcare research. Please share and let us know if you want anything more to be explained.

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