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Obesity: Is it killing you too?

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Is Obesity really life-threatening?

Weight loss for Obesity is a very trending topic now a day. Now, I will explain you in this article with detail.

Do you believe that Overweight and Obesity is killing more people than underweight. Yes it’s true. I will give the details and other shocking factors in Obesity statics section of this article.

A new research found that pregnant women with obesity can manage their weight with the help of lifestyle and diet. You can browse that article here.

First you should understand that what is overweight and obesity? And how weight measurement gives you an idea about overweight and obesity? Let’s discuss.

Obesity and overweight:

It is simply based on the most accepted BMI (Body Mass Index) calculation which is a person’s weight in Kilograms divided by the square of his height in meters. Its unit of measurement is kg/m2.

Image: BruceBlaus

You can check it out from the below table and also there are many websites which are providing you tools to calculate your BMI easily.

Below are two scales according to age factor to measure your BMI status-

BMI 18 yrs and older
BMI 2 to 17 yrs

If you are a bit confused with the medical terms, you can directly go to the below link of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) website and check it out on this link.

Obesity statics-

As per WHO (World Health Organization), if you look at global level obesity has almost tripled since 1975. WHO reports, “Most of the world’s population live in countries where overweight and obesity kills more people than underweight.”

Obesity kills

In 2016 global figures by gender for 18 years or older as mentioned below and you can see details here:

  • Overweight 39 percent of men, 40 percent of women
  • Obese  11 percent of men, 15 percent of women

Prevelance of Obesity

Most of the countries in highest overweight countries are Pacific island nations.

According to Forbes, “Pacific island nations and associated states make up the top seven on a 2007 list of heaviest countries, and eight of the top ten. In all these cases, more than 70% of citizens age 15 and over are obese.” You can check it in detail here.

Let’s talk a bit about INDIA. Only around 4 % of total population above 18 year comes under overweight and obesity.


Yes its true, it has been hyped more than the reality.

It’s a high trending topic in India and also many businesses are running on it. It’s absolutely not bad. But, it gives us a warning that we should work on it to stop it before it becomes a giant problem.

However, in US, Kuwait and pacific nations, it’s a very big problem. If you compare it with India and other Asian countries, you will find there is a lot of difference in the culture of both the regions. You can see the report of different countries here.

In my opinion below are the reasons. I will try to show it in short below points-

Lifestyle comparison

Most of the countries in lowest rate of obesity are Asian. So, region is also a very important factor in it.

Causes of Obesity:

There are many reasons for this but, if I sum it up then it is all because of your unhealthy life style and lack of exercise. However, few important factors can be considered as below-

Unhealthy lifestyle: This is the main factor for obesity. I hope above statics and comparisons are enough to understand this point.

Overeating: Overeating can be defined as “consumption of foods more than it required to our body.” Food high in fat and sugar leads to gain weight.

Processed/junk/fast food consumption: Simple carbohydrates like sweets, soft drinks, beer etc absorbed very fast into the bloodstream and stimulate insulin which causes the growth of fat tissues. You can find my article about fast food and junk food here.


No/less Physical activity: Physical activity helps you to burn your extra calories. Duration and intensity of your workout/physical activity depends upon your body mass and calorie intake. Calorie intake and its use should be in balance. It will cause weight gain if intake of calorie is higher than you burn it.

Medicines: Some medicine and class of medicine also responsible for weight gain and obesity. Example of those medicines includes oral contraceptives, corticosteroids, antidepressant etc. If you observe that medicines are the reason for your weight gain then you must inform your doctor about this.

Disease: Some type of disease like thyroid imbalance, insulin imbalance, Cholesterol imbalance etc are the main culprit of the obesity caused by diseases.

Psychological factors: If you are in stressed environment and have a lot of tension in your mind, it will cause cortisol and other bad hormones release. These hormones act like a catalyst which definitely affects your healthy routine. All of these factors directly linked with your obesity.

Genetics: There are few genes which plays an important role to regulate various activities in your body. This factor is still needs to be explored.

I hope you got a clear picture of Overweight and Obesity, its measurements, statics and causes.

Please feel free to write me in the comment box anytime. It will encourage me to give you more in detail.

Very soon I will publish the second part of this article, because this article becomes already too long. In that part i will cover the solution for the obesity and how you can prevent it.

Vinay Dubey

A Health care professional and Pharmacologist with an aim of sharing my knowledge about health and lifestyle to everyone. Specially, I want to empower people from non medical background, with the knowledge that how daily lifestyle and medicines can affects their health. Also, to let them know how they can play an important role in the life cycle of a medicine.


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