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Johnson & Johnson again in controversy for baby shampoo “no more tears”

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What was the matter?

Johnson & Johnson again comes under the radar of quality check authority. Yes, it is not the first time with J&J that its product was found to be suspicious as harmful on human beings.

The latest matter is from Rajasthan drug control organisation. The report said that the Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo ‘no more tears’ contains high amount of formaldehyde than the recommended limit. Formaldehyde comes under carcinogenic chemicals in the list of International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

However, company did not accept this result and also publish a notice stating there is no formaldehyde in the shampoo. Click here to read the media publication from J&J.

How it is dangerous?

Carcinogenic products are those which may be responsible for causing cancer. However, dose and frequency of the product matters a lot to cause cancer in human beings. In this case formaldehyde was found in higher quantity in the samples of two batches.

The batches of samples were manufactured in the unit situated at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.

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Is it the first time with Johnson & Johnson?

No, this is not the first time. Here is the several cases against the J&J.

Previously, the jury of California, United States ordered J&J to pay $29 million to a lady who developed cancer by using the talcum powder. The cancer causing agent was Asbestos.

Also There are several other cases for causing cancer by using the J&J products.

In 2016, J&J ordered to pay 72$ million to the family of a 62 years old, died from ovarian cancer.

In 2017, J&J ordered to pay 417$ million to a woman, claimed of developing ovarian cancer by using talc based products of company.

In 2018, 22 women claimed for asbestos in the talcum powder of J&J which caused ovarian cancer. A jury awarded 4.7$ billion in damage to all woman.

In December 2018, company was forced to show internal documents after suing by more than 11000 people for cancer causing agent in the baby powder. It was cleared in the documents that company known about asbestos contamination since 1971 (almost 50 years) and was hiding this information from the public.

Company lost its bid to overturn a 4.7$ billion for exemplary damages and 550$ million (compensatory damages) verdict against all the plaintiffs.

What did you learnt?

  1. Don’t believe a company in any circumstances. You must check the ingredients of the products in your cart
  2. Don’t hesitate to file a complaint or case against a company if you find it suspicious
  3. Always report the side effects of any product you are using including medicine. Click the highlighted link to read our article for detail information on how to report side effects. Easiest ways to report your Side effects (Adverse events)

Companies are not your friends, most of them are just making money by selling you garbage in attractive packaging

For any confusion or more details you can contact us anytime.

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