Body fat measurement

How to easily calculate your body fat percentage

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Do you know how much your body fat percentage is?

Most of the people are suffering of extra weight. They do a lot workout and diet management to reduce the extra fat. But before all this you must know your body fat percentage. For some people it is familiar term and for some people not. Don’t worry I will tell you in detail about it.

First you need to know, what is Fat?

Fat is oily natural substance occurring in animal bodies which deposited as a layer under the skin and around certain tissues or organs. Fat is also known as adipose tissue, since fat is loose connective tissue composed with adipocytes.

Body fat:

Body fat or adipose tissue is an important normal constituent that serves the function of storing energy as fat for metabolic demands.

To calculate your body fat percentage and lean body mass, you can also use our calculator on below links-

Body Fat Calculator

Lean Body Mass Calculator

Functions of body fat:

Adipocytes stores energy in the form of fat. Fat also cushions and providing insulation from heat and cold to the body.

One gram of fat provides you nine calories of energy. Normal body fat for men is around 8 to 15 percent of their total body weight and for women approximately 20 to 30 percent.

Basic concept of fat in body:

Body Weight= Fat + all lean body mass (Bones, Organs and all except fat)

It means that, if your weight is 150 pounds and your lean body mass is 132 pounds then your fat is 18 pounds.
According to Sex and Age, Body fat varies in an individual.
As per American Council on Exercise (ACE) below is the standard body fat chart-

Fat %

I hope you’ve got all basic idea about Body fat. Now, the major concern is measuring it.

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आप फ़ास्ट फ़ूड खा रहे हैं या जहर?

how to measure your body fat?

How will you make balance of your body fat?, if you don’t know how much your body fat percentage is?

There are some methods by which we can measure body fat-

Methods of Body fat measurement

Don’t be confused. I will tell you only about Skinfold Method which is practically easy, precise and it is cheap in terms of its cost.

Skinfold Method:

This method is easy after practicing it 5-10 times with Body fat Caliper. This Caliper also known as Plicometer.
This calliper contains reading in Inch (IN) and Milimeter (MM). It looks like in below image-

Body fat Caliper

How to use it?

Let’s consider it with Arm-A, Arm-B and Arm-C (Please refer the image)
1. Hold caliper properly to use it comfortably.

Body fat measurement

You should hold Arm-A with four fingers and Arm-C with thumb as shown in image.
Now pinch the skin (make sure it won’t harm) in between “arm A” and “arm B” with the help of arm C.
Leave pressure when arm C’s top fits in arm B’s round part.
And see reading with the help of reading marker. (You will get readings in Inch and millimeter).

Click on the below links to buy body fat caliper-

2. For male body we will take 3 readings from side-chest skin, Skin near Belly and thigh skin. (Please refer the image)

3. For female body we will take 3 readings. One from back side arm (triceps region), another reading from near belly and then thigh skin (Please refer the image).

Female body fat 1Female body fat 2

4. After taking the readings, you have to take the average of all the reading. For example if you have taken 3 readings then add all the 3 readings and divide the sum value with 3 to calculate average. The result will be your Body fat percentage.

If you have any doubt please feel free to ask anything in the comment section.

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