Can your immunity fight against Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) & other viruses or bacteria?

How to boost your immune system to fight against novel corona virus (COVID-19) or any other viruses and bacteria

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Immunity is an essential and vital part of our physiological system. It’s like an Army fighting against all harmful invaders like Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19). Immune system works to protect whole body with the help of different defense mechanisms of various cells and factors.

Immunity system works all over the body to protect our body with the help of various cells and factors.

Boost your immunity against COVID 19
Boost your immunity against COVID 19

Immunity system is designed in such a way that it can fight to any virus/bacteria, if it gets proper support from other organs and nutrition rich foods. It works with a proper planning and process with the help of antibodies. Even medicines work with the help of different mechanism of our body, which includes immunity system as well.

Our Army needs weapons, transportation, bulletproof jackets, proper food and support from other units working to protect our country. Same like that our immunity system also need many things to work better and faster.

How immunity system fight against COVID-19 (Corona virus)?

You may hear that many of the patients are asymptomatic (without any symptoms of the disease), but found infected with COVID-19. Many of them are recovered by their self without any additional treatment.  That happens because of their COVID-19 immunity. They are able to fight with the novel corona virus by the help of their strong immunity.

When your body developed anti bodies against a virus then these anti bodies are able to kill the virus. It depends on number of viral load, amount of anti body and few other factors.

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How to boost your immunity?

Broadly it includes below 4 parameters:

  1. Proper nutrition to maintain energy level of cells
  2. Physical activity to maintain strength on molecular level
  3. Avoiding wrong lifestyle habits to cut harms to the body
  4. With the help of medicine

1. By proper nutrition:

Apart from the healthy diet you should have some super foods in your daily meal to enhance your immunity to the next level.

a) Garlic:  It contains an enzyme called alliinase, which is responsible for converting alliin to allicin. One of the main mechanisms observed is through modulation of cytokine profiles and, on the other hand, direct stimulation of immune cells. Read reference.

b) Ginger: This is a strong antioxidant and studies showed it boost the immune system naturally. It also enhance the thyroid gland functioning and increased IgM (immunoglobin M) levels. Read reference 1 and 2.

c) Cold press coconut oil: lauric acid and caprylic acid present in coconut oil in an important ingredient to give strength to our immunity system. Read reference.

d) Citrus fruit: Oranges, limes, grapefruits and other citrus fruits are excellent source of vitamin C that makes your immune system stronger. Vitamin C also called as Ascorbic acid which has antioxidant properties and prevents from scurvy disease. Read reference.

e) Herbs: Many herbs are well proven to enhance our immunity. You can include holy basil and other herbs in your diet. Holy basil (Tulsi) is identified as a very effective herb with immuomodulatory, anti-inflammatory and other many health beneficial properties. It increased immune response with increased Natural Killer (NK) and T-helper cells. Read reference.

2. Physical activity:

This is very important to energize your cells by increasing blood flow and energy production. Physical activity helps to deliver nutrients and oxygen to tissues and cardiovascular system work more efficiently which boots more energy. It regulates various hormone levels as well. These all effects ultimately help to enhance your overall immunity level. We will very soon publish a dedicated article on exercise.

a) Stretching: This will help you to keep yourself active. This also acts as warm up for your heavy exercises if you do. This keeps you away from sedentary lifestyle.

b) Cardio: To increase your blood flow in the body you need a strong cardiovascular system. This can be maintaining by cardio exercise. Daily a 10-15 min of this can make you fit.

c) Suryanamskar: This is a traditional but very effective form of exercise. This is known as a complete exercise. This impacts almost every area of your body and strengthens them.

d) Squats: This makes your leg muscle strong. Daily 10-15 reps are enough for you with other exercise.

e) Yoga and Pranayam: You can also understand it as focus and breathing exercise. Yoga includes different forms to activate different area of your body. This is also important for your mental condition, because it enhances your focus and concentration.

Pranayam teaches you to control your breathing in many ways.

Flow of breathing is very essential in any exercise and even in daily life. The one who can control breathing, can control the life.

There are many ways to perform this breathing exercise according to Physical, Medical and Mental condition.

3) Avoiding wrong habits:

To maintain this you do not need to put any extra effort but you need to control yourself. Many bad habits harm our vital function of body and affect overall health including immunity. This includes eating junk food, improper sleep, heavy exercise without proper nutrition, addiction like smoking, alcohol use, drug abuse etc and any other habits. These negative habits impact our health very badly.

4) With the help of medicine:

There are some medicines which affects your immunity. Vitamin C tablets, immuno-modulators etc are few examples. But, I would not recommend those medicines until your doctor prescribe it according to yous condition.

These medication any cause side effects and allergies as well. So, better if you boost your immunity naturally with aforementioned methods.


So, we have gone through all the possible aspect to increase our immunity. These are small but very important things to keep ourselves fit, strong and make our body able to fight against deadly viruses (COVID-19) and bacteria without any medicines. Now it’s our duty to aware most of the people we know.

Hope you like this information.

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