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Easiest ways to report your Side effects (Adverse events)

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People in today’s world are aware and concerned about their health which is appreciable. But wait; is this the only requirement in health science? Is there other ways to improve our health care system?

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Today’s article will put us one step forward in health care sector. Here I want to clear that don’t confuse with side effects and adverse events because for a layman understanding in this article I am using both simultaneously.

Are you reporting your side effects?

Questions may come in your mind is that, if the people are going well in their health part and they are concerned about their health, then where the problem is?


Correct me if I am wrong here,

In majority of the families there are members who are on some medical treatment – YES

Most of them face some side effects of few medicines at some point of time – YES

Mostly people report these side effects every time – NO


You must report any kind of side effect you feel after taking any medicine to the regulatory authority or any respective health authority of your country. At least report it to your doctor or any Health Care Professional.

How to easily report side effects?

If you find it difficult let me explain you the easiest ways to report an Adverse Event. It is not necessary to report the event of yourself only, you can report it for anyone you know.

1) Social media-

Yes, this is the most easy and convenient way to report your Adverse Event. You just need to tag that drug company and write every important thing you have gone through after taking that medication.

If you reading this type of article first time, it might be quite difficult to understand but don’t worry I will make it simple for you.

2) On ADR app:

Yes, to make this process easy government build an application on Google play store. You can download and easily report your side effect from your mobile anywhere anytime. You can download the application here- ADR PvPI

We will soon upload an article regarding filling the ADR report form on our website.

2) Direct contact to company-

You can find the name of the company at the back side of the strip or you can search it on Google as well. Now, on their website you will find the contact number and e mail id. You can call directly or can write a simple mail with all the details.

3) Contact authority-

You can Report ADR by phone, by Email or by filling ADR form. If you are in India then below are the details-

Call on-  18001803024

E-mail at- “OR”

For other country you can refer WHO list of websites link. You can search the name of your country in list of Globally identified Websites of Medicines Regulatory Authorities.

4) ADR form submission manually:

You can download the form from this link if you are in India and can submit this form to nearest NATIONAL COORDINATION CENTRE (NCC) or ADR monitoring centre (AMC).

Why to report Adverse events-

Reporting of ADR is important because if any Medication (Drug) has high side effects and low benefit in health it should be banned.

Who should Banned these drugs- Regulatory authorities like FDA can recall the medication if they found unbalanced in risk and benefit. For more information on this you can click and read our article in the section Adverse Event Reporting.

And while reporting, don’t worry about your Privacy. It will be maintained because authorities does not allow it.

What to report:

You can report all data which is required to health authority for proper conclusion.

You can report your data on your wish but try to report at least following things to make your reporting valid-

Your identification-

An identifiable patient is nothing but patient’s minimal demographic information to make case valid.

It can be your name, Date of birth, Gender, Age etc

Medication name-

For valid report you should report medicinal product name by which you experienced Adverse event. 

You should report that medicine’s details if not possible report at least its brand name/Generic name.

Adverse event-

Without an adverse event report can’t be valid. It’s obvious until and unless someone experience some adverse event after drug administration you can not report it. So, you should report adverse event you experience in clear meaning.

How medication will be withdrawn from market?

Health authorities must come to know which medication has potential side effects and should recall and it happens because of your AE reporting. When reporting will done by all people who suffered from Adverse drug reactions/Adverse events which will then aggregate all these data and makes conclusion.

So now you are clear why you should report ADR.

Hope you are understood this article. Please let me know if you have any extra information regarding ADR or want any information from our side.

Rohan Sonavane
Rohan Sonavane

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