Cake makes your celebration happy but not healthy

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We often wish birthdays to our beloved as “Happy birthday to you. May you live long, healthy and happy”
But, this wish will defiantly come true if you will read this article about cake, understand it and apply it in your life.

Why should we avoid eating cakes?

College and workplace are the areas where we celebrate many occasions with cakes most. Now a day’s Cake is the more common, beautiful and above all yummier thing to celebrate. In today’s life we are used to celebrate many occasions in every month and its increasing day by day.

But, ever we thought about ingredients of a cake and its bad effects on our health?

Commercially prepared cakes are dangerous to our health despite we eat it carelessly. Unless we read the label we have no idea what we’re actually eating and most important, many of the cake vendors do not show their ingredient list on the package except flavour.

Ingredients of a cake:

Cake is basically made up of flour, oil, sweeteners, colours, flavours, bulking agents and other additives.

Let’s talk about its main ingredients-

  1. Cake flour: It is very fine and low in protein which gives cake a very smooth texture with attractive look.
    It is strongly bleached which is harmful for our digestive system.
  2. Artificial sugar: In industries, instead of real sugar, fructose and glucose and other sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are used. HFCS rapidly absorbed into our blood stream and this can cause liver damage as well as metabolic disturbances. It increase appetite and results into weight gain which can lead to diabetes, heart disease and even cancer in some cases.
  3. Oil: Canola oil or it’s hydrogenated oil, full of Trans fats that are going to contribute to heart and thyroid diseases.
  4. Additives: Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) is an antioxidant. BHA is a waxy solid, used as a food additive. BHA is banned in some countries. It shows many harmful effects like wheezing, fatigue, asthma, hay fever, gastrointestinal, liver, endocrine disorders and neurotoxicity. It is also a carcinogenic agent (Substance that can cause cancer).

Cake’s Colour, Flavours, preservative, raising agent and Emulsifier which also has potential bad effects on health.
Commercially prepared Cakes, pastries and meringues are a good treat to our eyes and tongue but not to our health.


The outline is that we are celebrating our birthday, parties for enjoyment and to feel happy, but our health gets compromised because of unhealthy food such as cake. The additional fast foods make the occasion unhealthier. You can check our article on fast foods.

This thing we should take into consideration because frequency of eating cakes in current population consistently increases.

How to avoid harmful effects of cake?

The best solution is we can start a new tradition by baking a healthier kind of cake which contain nutrients.

Choose a cake with decorations made from real fruits, natural sauce or natural food colourings or if you bake your own cakes, you can make substitutions to improve their nutritional profile.

We need to aware you about this, because we really wish a healthy life for you. Also let us know in the comment box, if you have any better idea or if you have a different kind of celebration style. We always welcome your thoughts.

Rohan Sonavane
Rohan Sonavane

A Health care professional and fitness trainer with a sole aim of making healthy and fit life for everyone. I am keen to provide my knowledge and guidance to all people, which ultimately helps to make their life better.


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