Body Spray: The Other Side

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Today’s world is about 3F. Fast, Fashionable and Fantastic in all manner. Now, let’s talk about second F that is Fashion. When we think about fashion, how can we forget the Body Spray? It is one of the important things for grooming.

Everybody wants to look confident, smells good and want to be more attractive and here the body spray comes. But, every coin has other side also.

Craze of Body sprays:

Now a day’s young generation is more conscious about their self-image.  Peer pressure in school/college plays a important role here and often they cover themselves head to toe with these products.

There are many body spray brands comes in the market which are providing many type of Deodorants in affordable price. But, these cans are full of chemicals and should not be sprayed directly on your body.

Let’s discuss its ingredients first so we will get a clear picture.

Common harmful ingredients of Deodorants:

  • PPG-14 Butyl Ether (polypropylene glycol ethers of butyl alcohol)- Consider any number after PPG, these all are its derivatives. PPG used as penetration enhancer in Deo which helps cosmetic products to penetrate easily into the skin. Apart from the Deo its also used in many cosmetic products to enhance its appearance and texture. Kindly note that Propylene oxides are carcinogenic on human skin.
  • Butane- Butane is an alkane compound with 4 carbon atom which is in gas form on room temperature and normal atmospheric pressure. It is used as solvent in Deo. I would like to go a bit deep into this. Its derivative Isobutane is also used.

    When Butane comes with the contact of Oxygen in higher amount, it forms carbon Dioxide with water vapors and in low amount of O2 it burns to form Carbon Mono oxide and everyone knows about harmful effects of these gases. One more thing, this is the same chemical used in your LPG cylinders.

  • Triclosan- Its an anti bacterial and anti fungal chemical. FDA has been reviewing safety and effectiveness data on triclosan. However this is the same product used  as pesticide in agriculture. It alter some hormone level like thyroid and and its exposure makes bacterias more resistance to Antibiotics in animals as per FDA. We should avoid its use.
  • Stearyl Alcohol
  • Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex GLY (17.8%)
  • Cyclopentasiloxane
  • Hydrogenated Castor Oil
  • PEG-8 Distearate
  • Talc
  • Fragrance (Parfume)
  • Propane

How a body spray can harm you:

Body sprays contain various chemicals as described above that are not at all good for our skin. Using synthetic toxic chemical deodorants, we inhaled chemical indirectly. More use causes more exposure.

Artificial fragrances are often made from petroleum or coal which degrades in the outside environment and cause skin irritations and infections sometimes on regular use.

Aerosols in body sprays may cause severe allergic reactions like allergic asthma, breathing troubles, eczema (dermatitis), and other skin diseases. In rare cases, they can even increase the risk of cardiac problems and cancer.

If you are using body spray frequently, you need to pay attention about its harmful effects.

Some steps to avoid these side effects:

  1. Use natural products: Essential oils are all natural. Essential oils are not only smells nice but they are really good for body. I know they are quite expensive but worth. Natural body spray recipe will make you smell good with other benefit like help lift your mood, energize your brain, or relax your body. Let me know in the comment box if want to know the recipe.
  2. Cleanliness: Use natural products for bath, clean towel and cloths or bath robe.
  3. Proper diet: Diet high in oil, trans fat and some medicines also cause their excretion through your sweat and cause bad odour.
  4. Consult a doctor: Yes, if you are sweating much than you must meet with a good dermatologist. Excessive sweating is a called as hyperhidrosis.
  5. Proper care: Naturally our sweat is odourless but bacterial growth makes it smell bad.

To avoid it keep your sweat areas as dry as possible because dry environment is not a suitable condition for bacteria.

I know Body spray is necessary for grooming in today’s life and I respect your emotions. We can use below options also.

  1. If no option, try to use body spray occasional and not every day.
  2. If possible spray it on cloth, so you can at least avoid direct contact to your skin.

Last but not the least, want to tell you only one thing that your health is most important for you and for your family. Use products with open eyes.

Please do let us know, if you have any query/topic. Don’t forget to share your valuable feedback in comment box.

Rohan Sonavane
Rohan Sonavane

A Health care professional and fitness trainer with a sole aim of making healthy and fit life for everyone. I am keen to provide my knowledge and guidance to all people, which ultimately helps to make their life better.


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  4. the amount of deo sprayed should not be more but just a tinge in all imp areas. Presence of IPA(isopropyl alcohol) will act as an anti microbial agent. U mentioned the chemicals in deo are harmful but the quantity we introduce in the body is less and i m pretty sure that those chemicals get elimimated as soon as possible due to metabolism reactions. well this is just my view. But nicely written

    1. You are correct Shreyas. But everyone is not using with this intent. Deo is good, if we used it in less quantity, there are many people who uses it in more quantity and frequently without any concern. So by using it in more quantity (insensibly) and frequently is real concern, because chances increase to harm skin definitely.

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