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Best cooking oil to buy for your health

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Importance of cooking oil:

Cooking oil is a integral part of our life and it affects our health in many ways. This is the ingredient which is consumed almost in everything we cook, all over the world.

Best cooking oil to consume should be in its natural form, free from any adulteration and must not undergo any chemical process. For example we should not consume refine oil anytime. You can read our article and get detailed information. Refine oil is spoiled during various heating and chemical process and dangerous for our health.

Must read:Refined oil: making you sick every day?”

According to your region where you are living you should consume the cooking oil. Mainly, below 5 oils are being used by us for preparing any kind of dishes.

In my above article, I have got some mails regarding problem of identifying the right oil and how to recognize it while purchasing. So, for your easiness I have started this column Best to Buy, where you will get direct links of the products good for your health. Read the disclaimer here.

Below are the links of best to buy cooking oils for your health.

1) Mustard oil:


2) Coconut oil:


3) Ground nut oil:

4) Sesame oil:

5) Olive oil:

If you need more information about above products, please let us know.

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