Are you eating fast food or poison?

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Is Fast food or Junk food as dangerous as poison?

If I will ask you, Do you know Fast food or Junk foods are very unhealthy and gives you long term diseases. I know you will say a clear yes but the question is then why we even eat junk food or so called fast food. So, here I am going to tell how you are fooling yourself if you are eating junk foods on regular basis.

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Well, I would like to ask a small question that will you try a very small amount of poison?


Okay, a harmful chemical in very low quantity?


Of course it’s a very clear and obvious answer, but what if I will make it very tasty by adding other edibles in it and gives you to try it once.

Do not think I am going out of topic because all the packaged/ Junk/ fast foods you are eating contains a very small amount of harmful chemical which is nothing but act as a poison if given separately. But, many companies present it as an important ingredient of their recipe and name it differently like taste enhancers, emulsifiers, preservatives etc.

Types of packaged food:

Okay, now the question is how you will recognize harmful ingredients?

It’s very simple to recognize harmful ingredients. Whenever you buy a packaged food just turn it back and read the ingredients list once and if there is any emulsifier, additives, taste enhancer or any chemical compound number is written then don’t buy it.

Here are few of the examples of packaged food-

Ready to eat meals: Noodles, pastas, ready to cook curries

Packed food: Cheese, Jams, juices, flavored milk, butter milk, Curd (check ingredients)

Edibles in container: Sweets, Soups, meats and steak

Baked goods: Cookies, Cakes, Packed sandwiches, Breads


Ingredients of a packaged food or fast food:

I will help you out to recognize it easily on the basis of this list. It is important to know about these ingredients before you take any action, however the right action is to stop them or minimize its use as max as possible.

  • Sugar: Consumption of Sugar is increasing day by day more than the ratio of the population. As per the WHO guidance Sugar intake should be less than 5% and no more than 10 % of total calories consumed by an average adult. 5% would be 25 grams for 2000 calorie. Generally, Safe sugar intake is 25 g (6 tsps) for women and 38 g (9 tsps) for men. Increased level of glucose in blood leads to release more insulin from pancreas which can cause obesity, Hypertension, Coronary Artery Disease and other metabolic syndromes.

    There are many types of sugar sweetened beverages including soft drinks, packaged juices and other edibles like chocolates (However, its original taste is not sweet), Yogurt, candies, cereals etc. You will be surprised to know that regular consumption of these all can cause severe disease like stroke, dementia, stress, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children. You can read the article on this here.

    If we talk about India, it is second largest producer of sugar with approx. 16% of world’s sugar production after Brazil. You can check the complete trade report of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Trans Fat: This type of fat is present in deep fried food, baked food, and other fast foods like Pizza, Burger etc. The World Health Organization (WHO) also recommends eliminating trans-fat from global food supply. You can get more information here.trans-fat is a solid type of fat which is obtained by hydrogenation of saturated fats and companies use it because of its cheap price and easiness to use. consumption of Trans fat is directly linked to the LDL (Low Density Lipid) in body. It was found in research also.
  • Colorants: These chemicals generally used to enhance the look of the product in terms of color. To look a product attractive its color is very important factor especially for children and companies know this fact very well even most of them have a separate team for this task. Here are few example of those chemicals with the name written on the product-
    • FD&C Blue No. 1 (brilliant blue FCF)
    • FD&C Blue No. 2 (indigotine)
    • FD&C Green No. 3 (fast green FCF)
    • FD&C Red No. 3 (erythrosine)
    • FD&C Yellow No. 5 (tartrazine)
  • Flavors: As the name suggest these chemicals are used to enhance the taste of the edibles to make your mouth watering, however these chemicals are very dangerous and may cause many diseases like obesity, neurological disturbances etc. Check hereFew examples are- High fructose corn syrup, Aspartame, monosodium glutamate (MSG) 621 (in most of the fast foods)
  • Others: Other additives are also used in various forms. It includes Thickeners, Stabilizers, Propellants, emulsifiers etc.

You can find the full list of the additives on Wikipedia.


I hope you understood how companies are not telling this truth that these harmful chemicals can be dangerous to your health and also for your children because they consume most of the products.

You must focus on ingredients because this is what the product is made of. These chemical shows their effects very slowly like a slow poison, even you will not realize that these were the culprit of your health problems.

Most of the companies only want to increase their business revenue not your health. So, the choice is yours.

Please avoid junk foods for a better health of you, your family and the most important next generation.

This article was to give you a brief about harmful effects of the packaged/fast/Junk foods and already become so long that I could not cover many topics related to this.

If you are interested to know more about their options, replacement or detail knowledge, please do let me know in the comment box.

Vinay Dubey

A Health care professional and Pharmacologist with an aim of sharing my knowledge about health and lifestyle to everyone. Specially, I want to empower people from non medical background, with the knowledge that how daily lifestyle and medicines can affects their health. Also, to let them know how they can play an important role in the life cycle of a medicine.


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