Positive mental attitude

A Positive Mental Attitude Can Change Your Life

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Dear friends, positive mental attitude is like positive affirmations for life. Probably, everyone heard a sentences for instance, “always keep positive attitude” or “you should have a positive attitude” in our daily life.

But, the question is What is the meaning of these words?, How we can develop the positive attitude? and How to achieve success through a positive mental attitude? I am trying to let you understand “positive mental attitude” in this post.

What is positive mental attitude?

Positive mental attitude is a state of mindset that thinks up about a favorable and enthusiastic result for progress in life. In other words- Positive attitude means positive thinking.

Positive mental attitude (PMA) is a concept first introduced in 1937 by Napoleon Hill in the book Think and Grow Rich. The book never actually uses the term, but discusses about the importance of positive thinking as a contributing factor of success.

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Positive mental attitude
Positive mental attitude

How Positive thinking helps to improve health?

The power of positive thinking helps to improve our physical health as well as social life too. Let’s understand it scientifically.

Relief from stress:

Positive thinking is a key part of effective stress management. Positive thinking help to feel better about the situation around us, improve overall well being and reduces the stress level.

When we think negative or face any criticism or fear, our body produces stress hormone CORTISOL in high level which affects the thinking center of brain and sub-optimal behaviors.

On other hand positive thinking, conversation and interactions are accompanied by the release of hormone OXYTOCIN. Oxytocin activates the pathways in prefrontal cortex associated with building trust and improving communication.

Strengthen Immune system:

Immune system function can be improved by positive thinking. Psychological studies shows that people recovered from illness such as flu and cold and can make more susceptible to infection in comparison with people who have more negative thoughts.

Increased Resilience:

Negative thinking reduces the capacity to recover from any difficulties and kills our hope and dreams, whenever capacity to recover from any difficulties or healing power has increased by the positive thinking and gives hope for future.

Increased lifespan:

Our thinking, feeling and emotional state affects our physical and overall health. Mental fitness and emotional wellness increases longevity.

Dr. Howard S. Friedman, a psychologist who has studied personality traits that correlates with longevity said, “It is definitely the case that certain people, who are psychologically healthier live longer, but the explanation are usually complicated”.

Decreases risk of heart attack:

Some studies shown that being optimistic, maintain blood pressure and decrease risk of heart attack.

Healthier relationship:

Positive thinking builds healthier relationships and leadership skills. When a person reflects positive vibes, the surroundings also gets positively affected. Subsequently, This positivity attracts people and make the bond stronger with them.

How to be mentally positive?

It is not always easy to be positive and some real life circumstances make it more challenging, but with little effort and work on turning from negative to positive thinking will be helpful.

So, basically this a real attitude which means having a positive attitude with real life situations.

in short, If any negative thought comes to your mind which is based on reality then it doesn’t you should leave that thought. Instead you should judge the situation and take actions accordingly.

Best ways to create a Positive Mental Attitude:

  1. Smile and make someone else smile
  2. Keep your brain positive by reading books with positive massage, listen music with uplifting lyrics and listen to positive people
  3. Identify and focus on your qualities and strength
  4. Recover quickly from negative life events and focus on good in yourself
  5. Limit complaints and remove yourself from such situations
  6. Develop an attitude of curiosity and be proactive
  7. Use positive words to describe yourself
  8. Identify positive and negative and fill your mind with positive but real thoughts
  9. Take your responsibility for your action as per your situation and work on them
  10. Breathe deeply and keep calm down to yourself in a tough situation

I hope this helps you to develop and adopt Positive Mental Attitude.

Santosh Pd Maurya
Santosh Pd Maurya

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