9 best ways to be fit without Gym

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Start it from today, it might save you from tomorrow’s trouble.

I can understand that sometimes it’s really difficult to get time to go to gym for exercise in your busy schedule. You also understand the importance of exercise for your fitness. So, here I am going to explain few exercise which you can do at your home anytime to be fit without Gym

There are lots of boys and girls, who wants to be fit and in shape, so that they don’t feel nervous or shy. But, many of them forgot the importance of exercise and nutritional diet.

Many questions drive in their mind like What should they follow? How is it possible? From when should we start?

And blah blah…

When to start exercise:

Today is the best day to start. For a minute keep everything aside and just start from today because tomorrow never dies. There is no perfect age, time and gender to start exercise. Exercise should be part of your life just like other activities.

Here, I am not talking about body building and other extreme level of sports activities but all I want to tell you is to be fit and healthy and away from diseases.

Your home is your first gym:

It is good to go to a gym and exercise. Many time the gym has to be skipped because of a busy schedule, still don’t mind, continue with exercise whenever possible.

Many of my friends telling me that they don’t have time to go to the gym. Then what, use your home like a gym. I am not telling you to buy equipment. There are lots of exercises which can be done without equipment for at least staying fit and fine shape.

Below are some very important exercises which don’t need any equipment-

1) Suryanamaskar (Sun salutation):

Suryanamskar is an important exercise that makes your core muscle well functioned if followed properly. It is a full body workout. Suryanamskar also warm up your body and improve your blood flow to all the organs.

It gives your body flexibility and strength.

You can start with 5 cycle of Suryanamskar and increase it as per your strength.

Surya Namaskar

Image: Wikipedia

2) Stretching:

Start stretching your body for 5 to 10 minutes, it will warm up your body, make your body parts active and undoubtedly it will open up your joints.

Stretching is very important to perform before any exercise to prepare your body for hard work during workout, however it is a small exercise in itself if you are in hurry and do not have time for routine exercise.

Stretching and yoga

3) Running:

Start running from today. It will make your cardio system strong. initially you can start on the spot jogging also.

Running includes many things like what posture you should maintain while running and what should be your breathing pattern.

Running gives strength to your legs and respiratory system. It improves blood circulation which inhance your body tone.

jogging and running

4) Push-ups:

Do push ups in the right posture. Initially, do it as per your strength and gradually increase the frequency.

It gives strength to your upper body parts like abdomen, arms, chest and shoulders. It gives shape to you back as well.

There are many types of push ups which can be performed for different results.

Push ups


5) Squats:

Do squats as per your stamina in starting. It gives strength to your thighs and legs. You can start with 5 cycle of 10 reps as per your stamina.

Maintaining the right position is important to get maximum benefit.

6) Planks:

If you want your abdomen strong and in right shape, start doing planks.

In starting you can do 5 reps of 20 seconds and gradually increase it. Plank will help you to reduce belly fat and it will also act on your core muscle. So, if you want you’d six pack soon start doing planks regularly.


Image: Pixabay

7) Burpee:

Its a full body exercise which completes in a cycle. It improves your muscle tone, strength and breathe as well.

You have to practice well before starting in a fast pace. Start with 5 reps initially.


Image: webstockreview

8) Playing outdoor games:

This is the best exercise. Play a sport like a cricket, football, volleyball, basketball whenever you get time, it will keep you physically as well as mentally active.

9) Activities other than exercise:

Yes, there are some very interesting activities which gives you results like regular exercise. You can convert your hobbies into exercise and enjoy doing it. Some of those are as below-

Swimming is the best exercise as it involves all body and also improve your respiratory system.

Dancing energize you and elevate you mood also. At the same time it gives strength to your different muscle.

Yoga can gives you mental peace and also most of yoga gives you physical wellness. Few of them are Kapalbhati, Shirshasan, Pranayam like anulom vilom and other aasans. 



Above information about exercise will 100% accomplished if you take care of your diet along with exercise.

Eat a healthy diet always to stay fit and strong.

I know everybody likes to eat junk food (fast food). Try to avoid fast food/Junk foods/Packaged food as maximum as possible. You can read here about how fast food is killing you everyday.

See friends, there are lots of options to keep yourself active physically. You choose an option as per your lifestyle and please follow it regularly if you want to stay fit and fine.

Here, I wanted to let you know that its not that difficult how much we think and gym is not the only option.

Let me know your opinions in comment box and “Spread The Awareness”.

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